Chestnut Fencing

Chestnut fencing is manufactured by cleaving (hand splitting) chestnut into pales, these are then wound together using galvanized wire. Chestnut paling produces an attractive yet inexpensive and easy to erect fence. Our chestnut fencing is available in heights from 0.9 to 1.8m with standard spacings of 75mm or 50mm.

Chestnut pale fencing requires stakes driven at 2 metre intervals with larger straining posts placed at changes of direction, run ends and at intervals of 50 metres.  The fence is then tensioned and stapled to each post.

Our Chestnut fencing can be purchased and delivery arranged via a secure PayPal link in the set lengths, heights and spacings shown below.  For any other chestnut fencing specifications and lengths please phone or email us with your requirements.

Please note that the chestnut pale fencing will be delivered on a lorry similar in size to a double decker bus. This must be able to reach your delivery address.

100m of Chestnut fencing (8cm spacing, 90 to 120cm high)
90m of Chestnut fencing (5cm spacing, 90 to 180cm high)
90m of Chestnut fencing (8cm spacing, 135 to 180cm high)