Gate hinge pack with adjustable bottom hinge with hooks on plates

Throw over loop for gate pairs

Spring fastener gate latch

Self locking gate catch

Garage Door Drop bolt

CWP fencing

Field Gate Ironmongery

Below are photos of our hinges and catches for use on our Field, Cardinal and Cleft Field Gate.

Saxon Entrance Gate Ironmongery

For hinges please select the adjustable field gate hinges above. If garage door drop bolts are required (paired gates) please select either 600mm or 450mm depending on the drop distance required. We recommend the ring latch below for gates hung as a pair, or the self locking gate catch above for single gates.

General Gate Ironmongery

This is suitable for our Woven Panel Gates or Picket gates.

Twisted Ring Handle Latches

Auto gate catch

Bands and hooks on plates

Adjustable bands and hooks on plates

Gate Posts

We recommend the use of chestnut posts for all our gates to guarantee long life. Below are the sizes generally available length in mm x width x depth.

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